Hello folks

You will possibly have noticed I haven’t posted in a while.

Well, a lot has happened and a few things became clear to me.  I started Fantastic Tales & Adventures as a way to incorporate my passion for writiting, storytelling and my hobby of gaming all in one place.  To build a brand, as it were.  I would have my youtube videos providing support, I’d have novel updates and I’d do some other stuff around hobbies.

I came to a couple of conclusions.  The brand I was creating was too mixed, and without time (Which I was struggling with), it would be too weak.  And that making youtube videos as regularly as I was was too time consuming at this stage.

I have spent some time with some experts, and I am in the process of getting a proofreading/editing business off the ground to support my writing.  But I really needed a website just for that.  It could have guest blogs, but it really needed to be a professional place.

So, was born.  It is still under construction, but it is where I will be moving my creative writing tips and whatnot.

However, I didn’t want to lose out on blogging about things I cared about, so I set up a personal blog called, where I will be posting gaming, geeky and even some of my novel procrastinations. will cease to be active as a domain.  However, my fantastic tales & adventures facebook and Twitter are still being used as my social media platforms for my other sites.  I can reconcile having two sites for two purposes posting under the banner of Fantastic Tales & Adventures.

Thanks for reading my blogs.  I hope I will see you at my other blogs for proofreading and writing support for all your geeky needs

all the best