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Storytime – The Crumb Correspondence – New Video Upload

Hello everyone

a few years back, when I was at University I had reason to study story structure and the interplay between reader and plot (more on that in a future video).  This proved to be beneficial when I read “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time” by Mark Haddon (available HERE)


(Don’t click – it is already embedded in this post)

I realised that the main character, Christopher, was in my mind a faithful but unreliable narrator.  By that I mean, he reports things as he saw them, but disregarded stuff he didn’t deem worthy, and really struggled to contextualize anything.  In fact there were many fine debates between my classmates and myself about his reliability.  But I digress.

From a structural point of view, I found this to be an interesting idea.  Someone who sees things, but doesn’t get what is going on.  This was something I wanted to experiment with, and as fortune would have it, I had the perfect character sitting on a page of my notebook waiting for just such an opportunity.  So, I give you, the Crumb Correspondence.  By me.


I hope you enjoyed that!  I certainly think it is one of my lighter pieces.

All the best

Happy Writing!


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